Small Claims


100 North Side Square

Room 821

Huntsville, AL 35801

Telephone: 256-532-3622

The Small Claims Court is a special civil division of the District Court where individuals as well as businesses can settle disputes and disagreements. The maximum amount you may sue or be sued for is $6,000.00. Procedures are simple, informal, and inexpensive. There are no juries and you may appear before the judge with or without an attorney.

Cash, Cashiers Check and/or Money Orders accepted. No Personal Checks - No Credit / Debit Cards

**We are not permitted by law to give legal advice. Should you need assistance with any of the paperwork, you should contact an attorney.  You can also contact the Madison County Volunteer Lawyer Program at 256 539 2275 or Legal Services at 256 536 9645.

Forms & Resources


To file a case in the Small Claims court, you will need to fill out both the complaint and the summons form. (Please make copies of the form after you have completed it. The court will need an original and a copy for each defendant. If copies are not made when you come in to file your claim, there will be a charge of $ 5.00 (for up to 20 pages) to make them for you. Please type or print when completing the form.)

Certified mail fee: $8.13 business and individual 1st class letters
$8.76 business and individual 1st class large envelopes

100 North Side Square Room 821
Huntsville, AL 35801

FAQs About Small Claims