Filing Fees


A convenience fee of 4% will charged also if you choose to pay online you are 'pleading guilty' therefore driving school will not be an option. DO NOT pay online if you would like attend driving school. You may also use your credit card by calling 1-877-252-7294

District Criminal- Traffic
District Criminal - Traffic

Misdemeanor (includes CVCC) $348.00
Misdemeanor IWC 12-17-224 (includes CVCC) $348.00
Misdemeanor-drug charge or drug related (includes CVCC and additional assessments) $498.00
Traffic (except DUI and Reckless Driving) $171.00
Traffic (DUI and Reckless Driving) $226.00
**Traffic-DWR, DWS, DWL, Viol. Of DL Restriction, etc. $221.00
*Felony Guilty Plea (includes CVCC) $446.00
If drug charge or drug-related (includes 100.00, 100.00 and CVCC) $616.00
Distribution, Sale, Manufacture of Controlled Substance $913.50
Trafficking a controlled substance $1,381.00
Final Forfeiture $231.00
Conservation Cases (Water Safety) $278.00
Conservation Cases (Fish and Game) $290.00
Conservation Cases (Forestry) $293.00
Preliminary Hearing $30.00
Alias Writ $32.00
Failure to Appear (includes CVCC) $348.00