Driving School

Notice of Defensive Driving School Option

If you have been charged with a minor moving traffic offense, you may be eligible to complete a defensive driving course, and have your case dismissed upon payment of court cost. Doing so will prevent the accrual of points assessed against your Alabama Driver's license as a result of this offense.

To determine your eligibility and enroll in the defensive driving course, you must contact The Office of Alternative Sentencing and Release (OASR) at least 5 days prior to the court date listed on your citation. DO NOT pay your ticket online to be eligible for driving school:

715-C Wheeler Avenue, 
Huntsville, Alabama 35801 
(256) 533-8940

Note* if you pay online you are 'pleading guilty' and driving school is not an option.

DO NOT pay online if you want to sign up for driving school.

The Office of Alternative Sentencing and Release (OASR) provides the Madison County District Courts the option of Defensive Driving School (DDS) in lieu of prosecution in minor moving traffic violations (speeding, running a red light, running a stop sign, etc.). 

4 Hour:

Alive at 25:

8 Hour :


  • First time offenders 


  • Individuals under the age of 25 


  • For indivduals that have attended the 4 Hour DDS in that last 2 years. 

How to Enroll

This option allows the offender to enroll in DDS without attending court. The following steps must be taken for the offender to enroll:
1. The offender must call the OASR office to see if he/she is qualified for the DDS class. This must be done NO LATER than 5 days prior to the court date.

2. If the offender does qualify, he/she MUST REPORT IN PERSON to the OASR office located at 715-C Wheeler Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama, to enroll for the class. (NO LATER than 5 days prior to the court date.) Payment for the class is due the day before the DDS class is scheduled. The offender must pay court costs associated with the ticket. This can be paid at the time of enrollment or upon completion of DDS.

3. After DDS is completed, the offender will receive a Certificate of Completion. 
It is the responsibility of the offender to return this certificate to the OASR Office located at 715-C Wheeler Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama.
If you have any questions concerning Defensive Driving School, please contact the
Office of Alternative Sentencing and Release at (256) 533-8940